Welcome to Mayfair Wealth

Mayfair Wealth is one of a new breed of Independent Financial Advisers which is able to call upon the expertise of a team with over 60 years of experience in financial services whilst providing solutions with the aid of advanced specialist technology.

The current scale and pace of change in Wealth Management is unprecedented. Here at Mayfair Wealth we deliver creative, bespoke solutions based upon our market knowledge, technology and a wealth of experience.

Being independent gives us access to whole of market solutions which means we are platform, product and fund manager neutral. This gives us the ability to deliver tailor made analyses and solutions for our private and corporate clients.

Our ethos is to develop long term, enduring relationships with our clients which we do with regular contact and exemplary customer service.


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October Market Commentary

Well, we’re still here. Despite the seemingly best efforts of the leaders of the United States and North Korea – the world is still turning. But September was a month of ‘another day, another North Korean rocket flying over Japan’ and it ended with Kim Jong-un threatening to explode a nuclear bomb over the Pacific. …

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Do you know how much your pension pot is worth?

Recent research from Royal London has found that around five million people in the UK have ‘forgotten’ pension pots from final salary schemes of former employers. What’s more, many of these deferred members of defined benefit funds don’t know how much a lump sum payout of this accumulated pension would be worth, thanks to a …

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The upsides and downsides of downsizing

If your family has grown up and flown the nest and you’re moving closer to retiring, it’s likely that you’ve at least thought about downsizing your home. For some it can be for practical reasons, for others it might be a desire to be closer to their children if they’ve relocated, for others still it …

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Don’t get caught out by the lifetime allowance rule change

The total tax paid by those exceeding their lifetime pension allowance amounted to £36 million in 2014/15, climbing steeply from £20 million in 2014/15 and equating to an 80% rise. The figure has climbed in recent years from £12 million in 2012/13 to £19 million in 2013/14 and up again to £20 million in the …

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