Welcome to Mayfair Wealth

Mayfair Wealth is one of a new breed of Independent Financial Advisers which is able to call upon the expertise of a team with over 60 years of experience in financial services whilst providing solutions with the aid of advanced specialist technology.

The current scale and pace of change in Wealth Management is unprecedented. Here at Mayfair Wealth we deliver creative, bespoke solutions based upon our market knowledge, technology and a wealth of experience.

Being independent gives us access to whole of market solutions which means we are platform, product and fund manager neutral. This gives us the ability to deliver tailor made analyses and solutions for our private and corporate clients.

Our ethos is to develop long term, enduring relationships with our clients which we do with regular contact and exemplary customer service.



July Market Commentary

Introduction Let us invite you to travel back in time to June 2016, to the day after the Brexit referendum. Meanwhile, across the Atlantic, campaigning in the US Presidential election is in full swing. You are offered two glimpses into the future. The first is that two years on, the UK has apparently made no …

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What makes seeing a financial adviser like having an MOT?

We’re all used to taking our cars for their MOT, aren’t we? Before we book it in for the test, we may well get a mechanic to check the vehicle over to make sure it will pass with flying colours. It’s a useful time to put in new brake pads, check the suspension and make …

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Are you keeping track of your pension pot?

Keeping track of your pension pots can feel like a full time job at times, particularly as we head towards a world where the average person will have eleven different jobs over the course of their career. It’s becoming increasingly uncommon for people to stay in the same job throughout their employment. In fact, we’re …

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June Market Commentary

Harold Wilson famously said that, ‘a week is a long time in politics.’ A month is a very long time when we come to write this commentary. Looking back to the first few days of May, the Royal Bank of Scotland was announcing plans to close 162 high street branches in the UK, Facebook said it was …

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