Retirement Planning

Regardless of the life stage you have arrived at, it is important to receive expert and professional advice on your pension plans and requirements.

Whether you need to set up or review existing retirement planning strategies, for you or your employees, we have ways to help you make the most of your retirement opportunities.

Helping you to plan for your retirement is a large part of our business.

We will work closely with you to identify those things that are important to you and help you to make the right decision when the time comes to retire.





The value of an investment will be directly linked to the performance of the funds selected and may fall as well as rise. You may get back less than the amount invested.


Income in Retirement

In retirement your income from employment or self-employment may be replaced by an income from your pension. Traditionally, this could be done by using your pension fund to purchase an annuity from an appropriate annuity provider, securing you an income for life, no matter how long you live. Alternatively, drawdown was an option which was relevant …

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Pension Freedoms

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Pension Funding

  The Pension Annual Allowance and the changes from April 2016 The Annual Allowance is the maximum amount of tax-relieved pension savings that you can make in one year. Currently it is £40,000. From April 2016 if you have an ‘adjusted income’ of over £150,000 for a tax year, you will have your Annual Allowance reduced for …

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Self Invested Pension Plans

Self-Invested Pension Plans (SIPPs) give a much greater range of investment options than those available through most traditional pension plans. Investment is allowed in a number of assets and asset classes including equities, unit trusts, gilts and commercial property. Saving in a tax efficient manner towards your pension is always desirable and SIPPs make this …

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